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The benefit of a small building company is that you get the attention you deserve . Every aspect of your home is managed by Danny Dark to make sure that your home or renovation is at its highest Quality. 

  •  28 years of experience in working with people like you, helping you get exactly what you desire
  • We can guide you to architects or designers with the goal of creating the perfect design team that suits you best

  • Unique, incredibly crafted homes

  • Sustainable and Healthy Home building techniques.

What Is Sustainable Construction?

         "Sustainable construction includes techniques that contribute to creating a healthy environment for the future. This relates to both interior and exterior environments and starts with buildings that are energy efficient. While part of saving energy depends on the everyday practices of individuals, energy efficiency is more than remembering to turn off the light switch when you walk out of the room. With sustainable construction, energy efficiency is built into the structure."

"The easiest way to condense what sustainable really means is to remember the 3 Re's. These should apply to construction decisions big and small as you plan your project" :                                                                                                    

  • Reduces
  • Re-uses
  • Recycles

What is Healthy Home building?

         Healthy home building techniques vary by the needs of each individual. The main goal is to create the best indoor air quality possible by limiting the amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) inside the home. VOC's come into the home through paints, wood finishes, indoor plywoods, carpeting, insulation and glues. There are many options in todays market and many of the VOC's have already been eliminated or at least reduced to reasonable levels. So why is this still a concern? Todays building envelopes are so tight that any off-gas from any VOC's trapped inside the home can't escape quickly enough. 

One simple device can greatly reduce the concern of VOC's being trapped inside your home. It is a air to air heat exchanger that exhausts a small percentage of the indoor air while bringing in fresh air to replace it. The exchange rate of air inside the home is greatly increased and the problem has been greatly reduced if not eliminated.


Please feel free to contact me and I personally will see that all your questions are answered.


Danny Dark


Feb. 18th 2016 update

We just finished a home in Caldera Springs and I am really looking forward to getting some professional photos uploaded to the website. The customer is just moving in and winter hasn't allowed us to finish some exterior elements yet but I hope to have some photos by mid summer after landscaping.

We just started a project that is going to be a vacation home or "cabin" as the customer is calling it in the Sunriver area. We have been battling the snow but trusses come next week so we have been making some headway.

April 15th 2016 update

We are restoring a single car garage in the historic district that a tree fell on and destroyed it in a wind storm in 2015. Everything has to be replicated exactly as it was with fairly ornate exterior trims of the era.

On this same note, the Larson's home had a tree fall on it over the winter. Luckily, the damages are not that extensive so we chose to wait until we knew the snow wouldn't fly anymore so we can get on the roof safely. Just yesterday was another nice snowstorm here so the new goal is to get there in a week or two since spring looks to be coming back again.



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We highly recommend Danny because he truly takes care of our clients in a way that I would want to be treated and with a real concern for providing the greatest “bang for the buck”, sticking to the budget. Danny will not cut corners even on the items that will be hidden behind finishes or furnishing when the project is done. 

From a selfish point of view, we recommend Danny Dark Quality Construction Inc. in part because he makes us look good. 
I can say without hesitation, hiring Danny Dark is a decision you will never regret. 

— Elvin E. Spurling 
Western Design International
Danny Dark is as genuine as they come. His knowledge and awareness about the many facets which go into a remodel are overflowing. Danny Dark Quality Construction gave us an outstanding experience and a magnificent home. Most people dread remodels. Our experience with Danny was uplifting and made our lives better than I could have imagined.
— Carolyn Collins Riverfront street remodel, Bend Oregon
Danny did an absolutely outstanding job constructing our home in Caldera Springs. The quality of construction was superb and he finished ahead of schedule. Costs were exactly as bid and extras were fairly priced. Even after four years, Danny is quick to respond to any questions we have. We would not hesitate to have Danny work with us again and can recommend him with no reservations.
— Don and Pam Larson Caldera Spings new home, Sunriver Oregon